Monday, January 3, 2011

Coach Handbag - RM 90 only

Coach A11-1
Height:31cm Width:33.5cm Thickness:14.5cm 
Handle height:21.5cm  Center of Width 53cm  
Comes with dust bag.
Coach A11-2

Height:31.5cm Width:28cm Thickness:12.5cm
Handle height:23.5cm Center of Width 43cm  
Comes with dust bag.

Coach A12-1

Height:24cm Width:35cm Thickness:12.5cm 
Handle height:12cm Center of Width 32.5cm
Comes with dust bag.

Coach A12-2

Height:34cm Width:36.5cm Thickness:16.5cm 
Handle height:22cm Center of Width 43.5cm
Comes with dust bag.

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